Respect for talents, talent is the basis of Jiangxi Risound
Incorporate and recommend talents
Create a level playing field, select and hire talents based on performance and ability, attract talents at multiple levels, multi-channels, all-round, respect talents, cultivate talents, build a learning platform and practice platform for employees, and do their best to make the best use of them. Rapid growth of talent
Respect for empowerment
The core of Jiangxi Risound's talent concept is to respect each employee. Every employee is available. Everyone has their own strengths. Jiangxi Risound is to let their employees make full use of their strengths and do their best. Work, and fully empower employees, give full play to their potential, participate in management, and achieve the common growth of individuals and Jiangxi Risound.
Both ability and political integrity
Cultivating talents requires "quality" and "ability" in one. Character and ability are the standards for measuring talents. Both are indispensable. Only with excellent moral character and outstanding ability are the outstanding talents of Jiangxi Risound.
Multidimensional development
According to the development needs of Jiangxi Risound, and the characteristics of its own, choose different ways to become talented, and realize their own life value while creating performance for Jiangxi Risound.
Business management
Education level:Bachelor degree or above
Work experience:Experience in business management
Professional requirements:no limit
Recruitment number:no limit
Salary treatment:Negotiable
Work location:Jiangxi Ji’an
Release date:2019-07-08
Validity period:2019-09-25
Description of job:
1.Bachelor degree or above, major in human resources and business administration is preferred.
2.Have relevant experience in business management, formulate company rules and regulations, prepare company documents, and plan in the near future.
3.Stable and stable, with certain communication skills and leadership skills.
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